Wales: A Room with a View

Very lucky to have such generous relatives with a place in the country (well, another country)...

Wales: Nefyn

Wales: Beddgelert (Gelert's Grave)

Wales: Caernarfon

Wales: Nant Gwrtheyrn

Visibility - poor. Perhaps the beach isn't such a good idea...

Wales: Pwllheli

In the bleak midsummer...

Wales: Portmeirion

This is what happens when an architect gets carried away - a cross between mock-Italian fakery and recycled bits of historic buildings. Formerly the setting for 60's spy-fi show 'The Prisoner'

Wales: End Scenes

Roll credits...


Sandringham Forest

Bircham Windmill

Long way to the top...


Sunset from the studio

Windermere Day 2 (black and white)

In the bleak midwinter...

Windermere Day 1 (colour)

Even looking back at these my toes begin to feel numb...


New Town Road Trip

This was a happy little outing (just the 170 miles) to the British New Towns of Corby and Milton Keynes. Highlights included a tour of the fantastic Cube in Corby led by one of the architects, and a massive McDonald's lunch at half past 5...